Dylan Gette-King AV + Technical Producer

Dylan Gette-King

AV + Technical Producer

Hometown: Palmer, Alaska

While the warm climate of the desert isn’t typically where you’d find someone born and raised in Palmer, Alaska—Dylan’s passion for audio and high-quality show production drove her 3,000+ miles straight to Phoenix to study and work in a city of non-stop entertainment.

Earning her degree in Audio Engineering in 2013, Dylan has since worked in several well-known music venues like the Granada and Kessler Theaters in Dallas, Texas; Glenn Massay Auditorium in Palmer, Alaska; and Livewire Inc. in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her passion for all things AV has allowed her to interact with artists of all genres and experiences, and she finds herself fortunate to get to explore and work with new and diverse equipment on a regular basis. In addition to her work in-house for those venues, Dylan has a corporate show background—which suits her perfectly for because—holding experience setting up any array of speakers and live performers in any setting from a hotel lawn, to a poolside waterfall, to a Western pony corral.

Taking on a “never say no” attitude from a young age has allowed Dylan to expand skills outside of her audio work, with a roster of experiences including time as a full-time newspaper journalist (in high school!), community health counselor, and swim team captain. You can ask her what her next side project is –it might just include joining a co-ed soccer team or participating in various research studies! When not working, Dylan spends her time cooking, reading the latest in technology and social sciences, scoping out the best interior styles for her 1960s bungalow, and curating the next best themed playlist.